Thank you for this Wonderful Product! ….. There is no question that this absolutely has worked for me. I am a 64 year old who has had ED issues off and on through the years and especially within the last year. Those ED issues have subsided since I started using the Omegaflex. Thank you Omegaflex!! 

R.D. – North Carolina


My wife loves it as we had unbelievably great sex the first night after it arrived. I wear the larger one to turn my “grower” into a “shower” as it is not too snug for all day wear & the smaller one for “after hours pleasure”. 

A.B – Lake Placid, NY 

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Fits snugly at the base of the penis

The OmegaFlex® Open Ring Advantage …


OmegaFlex® is the original multi-patented, anatomically curved, open ring male enhancement device. The common sense design was specifically developed to safely maintain and prolong your erection, allow for longer wear times than other penis rings, and encourage a strong and satisfying ejaculation.

If you are familiar with traditional penis rings, you are aware of the inherent risks associated with closed ring designs – such as unsafe vascular constriction and uncomfortable orgasms. Issues arise which can easily lead to ruined or dry orgasms, painful ejaculation, and uncomfortable fit and limited wear time. The unique and clever design of the OmegaFlex® Open Ring eliminates these issues while still constricting the corpus cavernosa tissues helping to hold blood in the erect penis. This is due to the unique semi-flex constriction arms and nodes that anchor beneath the scrotum. Consequently, the use of OmegaFlex® will actually increase the velocity and intensity of your climax. OmegaFlex® performs these great functions with efficient simplicity without the use of stretchy bands which can painfully pinch or the necessity of using lube to apply or remove a ring. As a result of it’s quick easy on/easy off design, even when erect, you will never worry about problems removing your ring. OmegaFlex® may be the safest male enhancement device available. Carry it with you to be ready anytime. Since wear time is greatly increased the device can be worn to add ‘fluff’ to your package under a bathing suit, shorts, or slacks. It will also keep your testicles neatly tucked in your scrotum if you have an issue with them migrating uncomfortably into your pelvis, a medical condition called Retractile Testicle.

OmegaFlex® can also help with ED issues and can be used with a pump and ring that fits at the base of the shaft.


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