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The OmegaFlex® Difference…

OmegaFlex® is more than your average cock ring. It is a one-of-a-kind male performance device designed for its comfort, safety and ultimately the ability to enjoy longer and harder sexual pleasures. If you are familiar with traditional cock rings, you are aware of the inherent risks associated with its closed design. From vascular constriction that often impedes an erection to problematic function of the urethra, uncomfortable fit and limited wear time.

Based on 4 years of research into making performance devices safe, comfortable and effective, the OmegaFlex® was born. No longer would men looking to improve their sexual performance have to be concerned with male enhancement devices that carried significant risk. The OmegaFlex® is a male performance product that delivers all the sexual gratification without the risk. Designed by men for men, you can now achieve incredible long lasting erections with multiple orgasms that you did in your youth!

OmegaFlex Device Demostration

It all started when we decided to find a better way of enhancing male pleasure... by eliminating the negatives associated with solid and stretchy rings

The modified cock ring is proudly presented by Shadow Innovative Products LLC. Its patented design consists of an open ended penis ring with 2 flat nodules that are positioned at the base of the testicles. This avoids dangerous constriction or having to wait until the penis becomes flaccid for removal. Recognized as a trusted and the best sexual performance device, the OmegaFlex® aims to revolutionize the traditional cock ring with an easy to use and incredibly satisfying male enhancement device.

Forget about painful sexual devices that inhibit your sexual pleasures. With the OmegaFlex® male enhancement, you can achieve incredible sexual performance sure to impress.

The OmegaFlex® is the Safe Alternative to Male Enhancement

The patented cock ring assists men with erectile dysfunction. Owing to its grip design, it provides a snug fit for intense erections and powerful sexual performance. The open ended penis ring with 2 nodes helps you maintain your comfort level so that your male enhancement device never gets in the way of your intimate encounters.

Discover the next best male performance device with OmegaFlex®. From late night black to red passion, choose your color and experience powerful sexual pleasure, only our patented open penis rings can provide.

Guess What?


You don’t have to guess your size because OmegaFlex® includes BOTH the Major and Minor sizes along with complete instructions!

OmegaFlex® is the PERFECT GIFT for any man!

Because the design of the OmegaFlex® is oblong and semi flexible it is somewhat forgiving as to the ‘package’ size that it will work with. That’s why there are only 2 sizes of OmegaFlex® as opposed to many confusing ring sizes. It is easy to select which size OmegaFlex® is for you – both sizes are included so use the size that works best for you. The hardest thing to figure out is whether you want your OmegaFlex® in LateNight Black, Passion, & Bone White. This is a revolutionary product in male performance and we want every customer to be happy so we offer a money back guarantee. Use it frequently for 30 days – if not satisfied return it for a full refund less shipping. The PERFECT GIFT in male toys.

Please send testimonials to info@omegaflex.biz describing how it works for you!

OmegaFlex® Passion male performance device


You may return OmegaFlex® for a full refund anytime within the first 30 days after shipping. You must email us at ron@omegaflex.biz before returning to notify us and explain the reason (any reason will do but we appreciate accurate feedback). Upon receipt, within 5 days we will refund your payment minus our shipping cost and an $8. restocking fee.