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I found OMEGAFLEX to be much more comfortable than the metal ring I’ve been using … with OMEGAFLEX I can remove it when I want to while still having a stronger erection – that’s the best part to me.

The PERFECT GIFT in male toys

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OmegaFlex® Open Ring

Male Performance Device


OmegaFlex® came about when the inventor decided to improve upon the traditional cock ring designs. Ring designs had basically remained unchanged for decades. The inventor was concerned about the unsafe nature of the closed ring design. There are very many incidents of rings needing to be sawed or cut off. First off, it was important to retain the constrictive nature to hold blood in an erect penis. Then, add the unique character of OmegaFlex® Open Ring design to free the urethra from that same constriction to allow urination and an unrestricted ejaculation. After years of trial and error testing different material combinations, and a long process obtaining two utility patents, OmegaFlex® was created. Now proudly being made in the USA.

Designed for comfort and maximum pleasure, the patented style makes it easy and safe to use. The primary purpose of the OmegaFlex® is to improve and enhance male sexual pleasure and performance. This is accomplished by incorporating a unique penis ring design that is snug around the shaft but open at the bottom so not to constrict the urethra. In turn this leads to a more explosive and satisfying orgasm. A secondary purpose for this device is to assist with minor issues of erectile dysfunction. Our revolutionary open cock ring fits around the penis and base of the testicles and includes lower anchoring nodes to keep the OmegaFlex® in place below the scrotum. Even when not erect the snug comfort is very pleasing. Our OmegaFlex® is your trusted male performance device allowing extended wear with an easy on/easy off design – even with an erection.

OmegaFlex® is the Safest Male Enhancement Device Available

Owing to its grip design, it provides a snug fit for intense erections and confident sexual performance. The open ended penis ring with 2 anchoring nodes helps maintain and enhance your erection so your confidence never wavers when you make your move. With positioning close to the torso your male enhancement device never gets in the way of your intimate encounters. The patented cock ring can also assist some men with erectile dysfunction. If you have severe ED you may have better results using a pump and dedicated shaft ring along with your OmegaFlex®.

The OmegaFlex® is a male performance product that delivers all the sexual gratification without the risk. Designed by men for men, you can now achieve a longer lasting erection using a safe, easy on/off device you can wear to be ready any time. Feel like a teenager again.

OmegaFlex® packaging

The PERFECT GIFT for your guy

Never Mind the Tape Measure

Because the design of the OmegaFlex® is oblong and slightly flexible it is forgiving as to the ‘package’ size that it will work with. That’s why there are only 2 sizes of OmegaFlex® as opposed to many confusing ring sizes. Both sizes are included in your order so you don’t have to select which size OmegaFlex® is for you – simply use the size that works best. This makes OmegaFlex® the PERFECT GIFT for your man. An order includes BOTH the Major and Minor sizes along with complete instructions!

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Refund Policy

We hope every customer is happy with their purchase but recognize that not all men are built the same. Use OmegaFlex® often – wear it for a week or two or even 30 days and enjoy how it enhances your erections. If you are unhappy with it for any reason email us at omegaflex.customerservice@gmail.com and request a full purchase price refund within 30 days of purchase. All we ask is for you to explain specifically why you are unhappy for product development reasons. Refunds should be applied within 5 days of receipt.